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We provide assessment, consultation and program coordination for families and children that have or are trying to obtain funding through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). We use a wide variety of assessments to determine family-based, functional needs in the areas of:

  • Self-help skills and adaptive functioning – including home and community safety
  • Behaviour – including emotional regulation
  • Physical and motor skills – including fine motor and gross motor
  • Cognitive skills – including play and executive function
  • Communication and socialization skills

We work closely with your family to determine your priorities for service. One of the main components of FSCD services is parent learning, including the ability to apply knowledge. This is an essential part of the services offered by Connecting Dots. We empower parents and children through engaging, purposeful learning activities.

Team collaboration is also essential for FSCD funded support. At Connecting Dots we value parents as part of the team, and we have extensive experience in working collaboratively with all partners. Our experience includes program coordination, development of Individual Services Plans (ISPs) and training behavioural/developmental aides. Connecting Dots follows the Positive Behaviour Supports for Children guidelines as recommended by FSCD.

Services may be provided through funding for Specialized Services, Behavioural/Development Aide Services as well as the Common Approach