By: Lisa Montgomery

Physical  Activity is very beneficial for both children and adults.  Regardless of whether a child has a disability or not the benefits of physical activity are very important. 

In Canada, many sport facilities and Sport Groups follow the Long Term Athlete Development Model.  This model starts with Awareness and First Involvement to Learn to Train on the child side.  From Learn to Train it goes through to Train to Win or Active For Life.   It is very important that children are exposed to movement fundamentals so they themselves can have a desire to learn more and progress through the stages.   For more information on the Long Term Athlete Development Model please go to:

Benefits of Physical Activity For Children Include: 

The recommendation is 60 minutes physical activity per day.  This is something that can be broken down into smaller increments.  I often hear parents saying…I just don’t know what to do.  Some excellent websites include: 

  • Going for a walk through the house or outside and playing I spy, or making a scavenger hunt can make a walk long way. 
    • Going on a bear hunt….
    • Use the above song but change the words to whichever activity/feeling  you’d like to use